Monthly Flyer Creatorbot 3000

  • software design

Monthly Flyer Creator Bot 3000, or MFCB3k to his friends, is an in-house application I developed to automate the task of laying out a monthly promotional flyer for a housewares distributing company. This is the front end developed to allow usage of the MFCB3000 with minimal training and very little technical know-how.

The project enjoyed a tremendous success rate, causing an immediate overhaul of workflow and an average time savings of 80% by the editorial staff.

This front end enabled an editor to create a "virtual document" that described the contents of an issue which would then be passed along to the page layout module.

In this "virtual issue," the editor would have full control over which items appeared on which page, the page order within the document. Custom item pricing, sorting, and grouping could be edited with ease. Affordances were built to allow easily choosing sets of items from previous issues, minimizing errors and redundancy and leveraging the backlog of data.

The front end was built to be familiar to the target audience. A central pane showed an icon view of the pages and their order. A task panel allowed editing pages with one click. A lot of care and work went into the interface being accessible, easy to understand, and friendly.